Confetti love



This arrangement consists of a helium filled 61cm confetti bubble balloon (please note the confetti is PRINTED on the balloon, it does not have pieces of confetti inside it!) that has a 28cm latex balloon inside it saying “I love you”, FOUR SMALL PLAIN BALLOONS NOT THE ONES IN THE IMAGE WITH THE HEARTS ON THEM, and then a helium filled 45cm foil balloon.  Anchoring down the balloons are a clear noodle box containing 150g of chocolates!  YUM!!  If you need the noodle box contents to be gluten free, please tell us in the special requests section of your order and we will replace the chocolates with the Natural Confectionary Company Fruit Chews.  The balloons should last approximately one week and the chocolates………This arrangement is suitable as an anniversary bouquet or just to tell someone you love them.


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