Balloon Care

We want your balloons to last as long as possible, so in order for this to happen, please be aware of the following :

  1. Keep your balloons INDOORS if possible.
  2. Balloons must be kept out of direct sunlight (or they may expand and burst).
  3. Balloons should also be kept away from heating (again they may expand and burst) and air conditioning will have the opposite effect (your balloons may shrink and oxidise if they’re latex).  Shrinkage will decrease their float time and your balloons won’t float for as long as they could/should.
  4. Keep balloons away from sharp objects, brick walls and also children if possible. We know balloons are magnets for children and attract them, but if they use the balloons as punching balls they won’t last very long.  If however, children do end up playing with latex balloons and they burst, please remove any broken bits of latex from children aged under three, so they don’t put them in their mouth as there is a possibility they could choke on these bits.
  5. If you need to transport the balloons in your car, please make sure the car isn’t hot, ensure there’s enough room in the car and that there are no sharp objects lying around.
  6. If you have ordered helium filled latex balloons and they’re delivered to you in a bag, please take them out of the bag as soon as possible.
  7. Please understand that sometimes balloons will burst for no apparent reason and we are NOT responsible for this.